1. Baptism

What is the outward, visible sign in baptism?
Water, in which candidates are baptized “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” the name of the Triune God to whom the candidate is being set apart and committed.

What is the inward, spiritual grace set forth in baptism?
The grace set forth is a death to sin and a new birth to righteousness, through union with Christ in his death and resurrection (Romans 6:1–6). I am born a sinner by nature, separated from God, but in baptism, rightly received, I am made God’s child by grace through faith in Christ.

What is required of those who are baptized?
Repentance, in which I turn away from sin; and faith, in which I turn to Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, and embrace the promises that God makes to me in this sacrament.

Why is it appropriate to baptize infants?
Because those who present them in faith and repentance promise to raise them in the practice of faith and repentance, which the baptized should one day profess as their own.

What signs of the Holy Spirit’s work do we hope to see in those baptized?
We hope to see them accept prayerful Christian nurture, leading to a life of mature Christian service and witness that reveals a deep faith in Christ.